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Laravel Options Package

The Laravel Options package from Appstract is a global database key-value options store for Laravel. This package uses a simple options database table with a key and value field and an Optionmodel available via a service provider.

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Global Application Settings in Laravel

In applications it is often useful to have a way to store some global settings. These settings are not related to a specific model, such as a user, but to the system as a whole. You can achieve this with Eloquent, of course, but I never felt that was the right approach given you are saving non-relational data in a relational system. I found Spatie’s Valuestore package to be the perfect fit for creating a settings repository for an application.

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Laravel Mailbox

Laravel Mailbox is a package by Marcel Pociot for handling incoming emails in your Laravel application. Mailbox features a fluent API that allows you to define custom mailboxes to catch incoming emails.

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Five Hidden Features of the Laravel Excel Package

The Laravel Excel package recently celebrated a new milestone of version 3, with new features that help ease advanced use-cases, and is simple to use. Let’s explore some of these hidden features you might not know about, that make Laravel Excel a go-to package for working with Excel.

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